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Our course covers all essential topics and is constantly updated to reflect the latest changes in the exam. We use innovative teaching methods to keep our students engaged and motivated.


Our course is designed to meet the individual needs of each student. One-on-one support from our faculty, who will provide guidance and feedback to help you succeed.


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The National Council Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) is an assessment that evaluates the qualifications of individuals seeking to work in nursing services in Canada, the United States, and Australia. In Canada, the NCLEX-RN is the standardized exam used by provincial and territorial nursing regulatory bodies to determine if an individual is eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse. The NCLEX-PN, on the other hand, is intended for practical nurses seeking licensure in Canada. It's important to note that the NCLEX-RN exam requirements and content may differ depending on the province or territory. Therefore, if a job seeker plans to work in a particular province or territory, they must take the NCLEX-RN exam specific to that location to meet the licensure requirements.

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Course Overview

The online NCLEX-RN preparation course is designed to assist Canadian nursing students and nurses in mastering effective strategies for writing or rewriting the NCLEX-RN exam. The course offers a combination of live sessions with experienced instructors, as well as self-assessment tests for personalized learning. Our instructors possess extensive knowledge of the NCLEX-RN exam structure, test-taking methods, and study techniques, and they will deliver content expertise in focused modules covering select areas of nursing practice. With the availability of live sessions and self-assessment tests, students can benefit from personalized guidance and build their confidence in passing the NCLEX-RN exam.

Course Objectives

The course aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to excel in the NCLEX-RN exam. By the end of the course, students will be able to

  • Understand the structure and key components of the NCLEX-RN exam and its question formats through analysis.
  • Manage time, reduce stress, and answer exam questions efficiently by utilizing effective test-taking strategies.
  • Identify and deeply understand key concepts and topics necessary for the NCLEX-RN exam by reviewing essential content areas.
  • Improve exam-writing confidence by practicing with mock exams, getting feedback from instructors, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Stay calm and focused throughout the exam by learning how to understand and manage test anxiety.
  • Develop a study plan and schedule to effectively prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • Foster a supportive and engaging learning environment by communicating and collaborating with the instructor.
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Key Features

  • Live Sessions: The course offers live sessions that provide real-time interaction with instructors and peers.

  • Flexibility: The course offers a blend of live and self-paced learning, providing flexibility to accommodate different learning styles and schedules.

  • Accessible Materials: Course materials are easily accessible online, allowing students to review and study at their own pace.

  • Structured Curriculum: The course offers a structured curriculum that covers all the essential topics required for the subject.

  • Interactive Learning: Live sessions offer an interactive learning experience, allowing students to ask questions, receive feedback, and collaborate with peers.

  • Expert Instructors: The course is taught by expert instructors who have a deep understanding of the subject matter.

  • Feedback and Assessments: The course provides regular feedback and assessments to monitor progress and identify areas that require improvement.

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At Sure Success Nursing Hub, we bring a unique perspective as internationally educated nurses (IENs) who have worked in both the Indian and Canadian healthcare systems. We understand the specific challenges and gaps that IENs may face in preparing for the NCLEX exam. Our experience allows us to help students unlearn content that may not be relevant and relearn pertinent information, as we have been in the same position ourselves. We have firsthand knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system and can provide valuable insights and guidance to bridge the gap and ensure our students are well-prepared for the exam.

Sure Success Nursing Hub follows a blended learning approach, combining online and group classes for effective NCLEX exam preparation. Our online learning institute provides a comprehensive content library for self-study, and we also conduct Live Group classes six days a week.

At Sure Success Nursing Hub, we understand that not everyone may pass the NCLEX exam on their first attempt. However, we are committed to helping our students succeed, and we offer support for follow-up attempts under the same program, as long as they are eligible to appear for the exam. We provide additional coaching, practice materials, and individualized feedback to help students address their areas of improvement and increase their chances of success in subsequent attempts.

At Sure Success Nursing Hub, we encourage students to attend the live classes as we believe in active learning. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. In such cases, if a student misses a class, we do provide recorded classes to all students, whether they attended the class or not. This ensures that students have access to the class materials and can catch up on any missed content, allowing them to stay on track with their NCLEX exam preparation.
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